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Watch for The Buds release of "Everything is Alrite Now" by Lee Mallory this spring. It's newly licensed to them by Redwood River Music.
Ooh. And Penny Nichols is covering my new song, L.A. Man, on her forthcoming album, Golden State. And I'm on it too!
AND I've purchased the rights to masters of Lee Mallory's recordings from SonicPast Music. Peace, love, music and Mallory coming soon on Redwood River MusicLee Mallory at Glendale Ice House ca 1966
And while you're up, please check out our new Redwood River Music Page!
Redwood River Music handles my booking, publishing, releases and more. You can even contact me for lessons and movement coaching (to help you play your instrument free of pain.) 
About Nina Jo
I stole my mom's guitar at about nine years of age and taught myself to play from records, the Joan Baez songbook classic folk song book by John and and Alan Lomax. I kept this up for a good long while and started writing songs in high school. PS, I returned Mom's guitar, kids. 

Nina Jo playing her 1968 Gibson Heritage in high school


On New Year's Eve 1979 my brother was murdered. For a long time I couldn't even listen to music.  Instead I devoted myself to martial arts, teaching self-defense and other anti-violence activism. 


Nina Jo in Martial Arts Demonstration SFSU 1983


Twenty years later I picked up my guitar again and found I could still play and people wanted to listen. I've been picking and singing and loving and learning ever since.Nina Jo and Lee Mallory at Sweetwater 


I like a song that goes from the sublime to the ridiculous and back again. My lyrics are mostly nonfiction because reality is so much stranger and more beautiful.





Nina Jo Smith playing ukulele at Red Devil Lounge

 People, Places and Sings CD Cover


"Nina Jo Smith has written and recorded a seminal folk classic in 'Hey Songwriter'."

"This is what every songwriter feels when the song comes out of nowhere. Sure, we’re none of us 'Dylan, Taylor & Prine', but we’re fishing in the same stream, just downstream a bit. Produced by Martin Young, with Alan Thornhill on backup vocals, you’ll get goose pimples if you’ve ever wondered where some songs come from."

-–Stephen Foster, “Stephen’s Indie Picks”

You can find Hey Songwriter and more on People, Places and Sings on iTunes, Amazon.com or CDBaby and buy the CD or album download from me at any live show. 


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